Recover Deleted Files from Two Disk Mirrored NAS?

The most popular approach of utilizing computer networks for data storage is the NAS (Network Attached Storage). NAS includes a client/server design. A single hardware device called the NAS box acts as the interface between the NAS and network clients. One or more disk drives can be attached to many NAS systems to increase the total capacity. NAS devices have become the most popular choice for file sharing and data storage. Like any other storage devices, NAS is also prone to data loss.

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The most common causes for data loss in NAS, or RAID Arrays are:

  • Inaccessibility of drives and partitions
  • Accidental reconfiguration of RAID drives
  • Hard drive crashes
  • Hard disk drive component failure
  • Virus attack
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • RAID array/controller failure
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in configuration corruption
  • Accidental replacement of media components
  • Multiple drive failure
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions

Undelete application can recover files deleted from two disk mirrored NAS, if any one of the drive in the array has healthy file system and the operating system is able to mount the partitions. It can also recover files from accidentally formatted NTFS partition, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT partitions. You can even restore files from external hard disk and to do this visit . It supports data recovery on Western Digital HDD Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Buffalo, Sony hard drives etc.

Not only this, it also provides recovery of all types of files like word files, PDF files, excel files, PPT files within a mouse clicks. It is highly recommended software so can be used without any hurdles. It uses a strong powerful technique to get back all missing files. Using this software, you can even find missing files after accidental formatting of HDD. You just need to make a click on the link to know how to get back lost files.

You may have already noticed that this tool can be used to recover data from accidentally formatted NTFS partition. Deletion of NTFS partition is another problem which is closely associated with this. Anyhow, you can undelete NTFS partition without any complex procedures with the help of this tool.

The relevance of the question how to recover deleted partition in windows 10 has increased considerably in these days according to the increase in number of users who are utilizing Windows 10's free upgrade option. Anyhow, its answer may be quite simpler than your expectations. With this Undelete tool, it won’t take any complex procedures to get back data from those deleted partitions.


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Follow the instructions below to perform deleted file recovery using Undelete File Recovery Software

Step 1: Run Undelete Software and select "Recover Files" option as shown in Figure a.

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: From second screen, choose "Recover Deleted Files" option, and then select the logical drive from which deleted files needs to be recovered, then click on “Next” button. Once the scanning process gets completed, you can see the list of recovered files in "Data View" or "File Type View" as shown in Figure b.

Figure b: Found files and folders

Step 3: Now, you can preview the recovered files before restoration as shown shown in Figure c.

Figure c: Preview

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the recovery result, then you can save the files to your desired location as shown in Figure d.

Figure d: Select destination location

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