Can I Recover Deleted Outlook .pst File?

Yes, using Undelete File Recovery Software you can certainly recover deleted .pst file.

Chances of Recovery

The chances of recovering your entire .pst file depend on the level of disk fragmentation before corruption. Fragmentation is a common phenomenon, because data is never stored in contiguous fashion on the drive. However, if you have used file defragment tools just or some time before data loss, then chances of recovery is greater.

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How are .pst files lost?

Most occurring and common instances of losing .pst files are:

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Formatting or Reformatting
  • Unexpected system shutdown or Software failure
  • Virus Attacks
  • Disk Corruption
  • Partition corruption or re-partitioning

Maintain a regular Backup

In order to overcome and reverse the unexpected scenarios, every outlook user should maintain a regular backup of the .pst file.

Traditional manual methods are time consuming, tedious and fail to take entire backup of an Outlook profile that includes not only e-mail archive but many other important attributes, for e.g. Registry settings, account settings, custom dictionaries, signatures etc. Such risk oriented incomplete manual methods to backup Outlook may not be a wise decision.

The best tool to use is Outlook Backup Recovery Tool, which is an advanced backup utility used to take complete backup of Outlook profiles. Designed to create backup archive of almost all outlook items, this software can restore complete e-mail client when disaster strikes or when outlook refuses to load.

Repair .pst file

Undelete File Recovery Software will certainly help you to recover the lost .pst file. But once recovered you need to repair the .pst file in order to access your emails. Use Outlook (pst) Recovery software which is mainly designed to repair corrupted .pst files.

Solution for recovering lost .pst file

Undelete File Recovery Software will easily and securely restore files erased from Flash drives, Hard drives, USB external drive, ZIP, Firewire drives, digital camera card, and more. This simple to use yet most powerful recovery software can successfully recover your entire .pst file. Undelete File Recovery Software works with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Go to to know how you can perform file recovery on Windows 7. It can also be used by novice user as it is designed in a simple manner. You can also get back missing files from hard drives formatted with NTFS partition. Know more about data recovery from NTFS and FAT Windows file systems. It is highly recommended by expert professionals so can be used without much worry. You can also use this software to get back all types of files like documents, images, videos, music, graphics, etc. Go to this site to gain more info about the recovery process.

Special technical or data recovery skills are not required to work with the software. Software is read-only application does not affect the partition or drive that contains deleted data. If you want to know how to recover deleted partition, then visit:

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Follow the steps mentioned below to perform lost file recovery by using Undelete File Recovery Software

Step 1: Launch Undelete File Recovery Software either from program files or by double clicking on desktop shortcut. Main application window of Undelete File Recovery Software is as shown in figure a.

Undelete program recover an entire pst file - Undelete File Recovery Software main window

Figure a: Undelete File Recovery Software main window

Note: If the logical drive you are looking for is not displayed in the list of logical drives, then use Search lost partitions option to find your lost partition (logical drive) and proceed with recovery process.

Step 2: Select the logical drive from which the .pst file has to be recovered and click Next button. As soon as you click next, the application scans the selected drive for deleted data and lists all the found files and folders in a tree format under Root folder as shown in figure b.

undelete outlook pst,undelete pst file - Found files and folders

Figure b: Found files and folders

Step 3: Once recovery is complete and tree structure is formed, the next and final step is to restore your found files and folders to a safe location. Select the data you wish to recover or click Root folder to select all the found data and click Save as shown in Figure c.

Recover Deleted PST Files - Save Files

Figure c: Select destination location

Select the destination location and specify the file types you wish to ignore (file filter) while saving. Also check if you want the data to be restored in compressed form and click Ok.

As you click OK button, the program starts saving the data to selected destination location. Once saving is complete a message pops up intimating the same.

All the data will be restored in a new folder by name “UndeleteX” in selected destination location.

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