CF Card File Recovery Software

CF (Compact Flash) memory cards are mass storage device that makes use of flash technology to store digital data on it. CF cards are non-volatile and solid-state device that supports FAT32 file format. CF cards are based on the Serial ATA for interface. CF cards are built with different storage capacities according to the need of people. They are used in portable electronic gadgets such as digital cameras, gaming consoles, car navigation systems, MP3 players, camcorders, mobile phones, etc. As CF cards are solid-state storage devices, they are not liable to suffer from mechanical failures, as there are no moving parts unlike hard drive. However, there are chances of losing data due to human negligence. Therefore, to recover deleted or lost data you need to make use of CF card file recovery software. Visit: to know how recover deleted files from your Windows 8 system.

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Whenever you try to access a file from the CF card then the index pointer of the file is accessed. Whenever a file is deleted from CF card, then only the index file entry of the file is deleted and the space occupied by that file is set free. The data that was deleted by the user is not permanently deleted from the physical media and hence it enables you to recover the files that you might have mistakenly deleted. The deleted file can be recoverable before it is overwritten by any other file.

Data loss situations in CF cards:

  • Human Error: Due to human negligence, people sometimes delete files from CF card by mistake and suffer from file loss. After connecting the CF card to computer if you have deleted files by using the shift and delete key combination then those files are bypassed from the CF card and result in file loss.
  • File Loss During Transfer Process: If you have connected your CF card to the computer for transferring files. During the transfer process, if there is sudden power failure or if you abruptly remove the interfaced cable then you suffer from data loss.
  • Empty Recycle Bin: After deleting the files from CF card if you mistakenly or unknowingly empty the recycle bin then the files are bypassed from the Recycle Bin and lost.
  • File system corruption: If the same CF card is used in different electronic gadgets like mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA’s, etc then the file structure of the CF card is damaged which result in severe file loss and inaccessibility.

Precautionary measures to prevent from file loss in CF cards:

  • Always have an up to date copy of files as backup from your CF card.
  • During the process of file transfer, do not unnecessarily remove the CF card.
  • Do not make use of same CF card in different electronic devices.
  • After losing data from CF card, avoid saving any new data on it to prevent from overwriting of new data.

Despite taking precautions if you still tend to lose data from CF cards then you need to make use efficient data recovery software. File recovery software is an excellent recovery tool that can recover lost or unintentionally deleted files from the CF card. You can recover PDF files & also excel, PPT files, etc. after accidental deletion, virus attack, using unreliable third party applications, etc.This software is capable of recognizing and recovering different file formats based on their unique signature. Click here to know about Word file recovery using this software. It can even recover deleted files from USB drive along with other storage mediums like memory cards, FireWire drives, digital cameras, iPods, etc. You just need to follow the mentioned link to gain more info about recovery of files from iPod devices or digital camera. It can even recover files that exceed the storage limit and which bypass from Recycle Bin. You can even make use of this software, to retrieve folders from emptied Recycle Bin within a few mouse clicks

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Follow simple steps to recover data from CF card:

Step 1: Download and install the free demo version of file recovery software. When you launch the software you get a main screen select Recover Files option and then select “Recover Deleted Files” option as shown in Figure 1.

CF card recovery software - Main Screen

Figure1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the CF card or memory card drive from which the files need to be recovered and click on ‘Next’ option as shown in Figure 2

CF card file recovery software - Select Memory card Drive

Figure 2 Select Memory card Drive

Step 3:After you click on “Next”, the software starts scanning the CF card to recover deleted files. After the scanning process is completed you can view recovered files by using “Data View” or “File Type View” as shown in Figure 3.

CF card file restore software - View Recovered Files

Figure 3 View Recovered Files

Step 4:You can even preview the recovered files by using the “Preview” option as shown in Figure 4.

CF recovered file software - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4 Preview Recovered Files

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