Undelete Files from Formatted Hard Drive?

Hard drives are devices for storing digital information and computer data. You may wish to format the hard drive or partitions when the system operates slowly and takes a lot of time to perform each task or if the data in the hard disk is no more required. System works slowly because of virus attack or if you have accidentally deleted some components of Windows due to which you system is not performing properly. When you format a hard drive or re-install windows on the system and if the formatting is not done properly or if it is interrupted then there are chances of losing previously saved data. Thus, data might be lost or deleted. Data deleted or lost from SATA / IDE / SCSI / PATA / ATA hard drives, flash memory cards, Fire Wire drives and various other storage devices can be restored. Formatted hard drive recovery tool helps you retrieve Excel spreadsheets, Text files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and other types of files. The software supports recovery of deleted files from various versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and 2008. Visit this page: https://www.myundelete.com/how-to-undelete-files-from-windows-7-operating-system.html to gain more info about file recovery in Windows 7.

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Always take back up of the important files or data before formatting the drive. This also comes into use if you accidentally format the drive, when this happens you can restore data from the back up files. In case if you have not backed up files and you have accidentally deleted files or formatted a drive then you can recover files after formatting hard drive. You can recover the lost data from formatted hard disk. Data can be retrieved even if the hard drive is having bad sectors. This software helps to recover data from SATA hard drive by creating disk images. These disk images creates exact copy of the file present in the hard drive having bad sectors i.e. if any scratches on the hard drive due to which data can be inaccessible. Do not write any new data onto the formatted drive as it can overwrite the previously saved data and you might lose it permanently. Formatted NTFS drive recovery can also be done by making use of this effective software. If you want to know more information how to recover data form hard drive using Undelete software, refer this link https://www.myundelete.com/sata-hard-drive-data-recovery.html

Reasons for loss of files from formatted hard drive:

  • While formatting a hard drive, if it is interrupted then the data becomes inaccessible.
  • Accidentally formatting the hard drive leads to data loss.
  • Converting the partition from dynamic to basic causes loss of data.
  • Formatting the hard drive thinking it can be restored from the system restore CD provided by the computer vendors.
  • If any partition or drive were corrupted then it would cause Windows to stop the format process.
  • Power surge damages the drive and that makes Windows inaccessible.
  • While relocating free space among drives may lead to the loss of existing partition
  • Any damage caused to the partition information while trying to make dual or multi OS boot installation.
  • When trying to format a partition larger than size.

You can recover files from formatted hard drive by using formatted hard disk recovery tool; Apart from formatted partition recovery, you can also retrieve deleted FAT32 partition from the system hard disk as well as external storage devices in few minutes. Demo version is available of this software so, you can download it for free to restore files from a formatted hard disk. But, you won't be able to save the recovered data using this demo version. Also, you can preview recovered files before restoration. If you are satisfied with the recovery result, then you can buy the licensed version and save the recovered files that are lost from the hard disk and you can use the saved scanned information to avoid re- scanning of the hard drive. You can also restore data from dead hard drive by using this effective Undelete tool. Additionally, you can also find all types of lost files from memory card, memory sticks, MMC, Smart media card, etc. using this software in few steps.

NTFS is a popular file system used in Windows computers nowadays. Due to several erors, NTFS partitions may get deleted from hard drives. However, you can rely on this tool to undelete NTFS partition with ease.

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Follow these steps to recover files from formatted hard drive:

Step 1: Install and run the demo version of this software, and from the main screen, choose “Recover Drives” option. Then, choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to restore data from formatted hard drive as shown in Fig 1.

Undelete files from formatted hard drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the formatted drive from which data needs to be recovered, and then click on “Next” button as shown in Fig 2.

How to Recover deleted files from formatted hard disk? - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Soon after you click on “Next” arrow button, the software starts scanning the selected drive to recover files from it. Once, the scanning process gets completed, you can view the recovered files in “Data View” or “File Type View” as shown in Fig 2.

Formatted hard drive recovery software - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

Step 4: Now, by clicking on “Preview” option, you can preview recovered files before saving them to your desired location as shown in Fig 4.

Recovery software for formatted hard drives - Preview Recovered Files

Fig 4: Preview Recovered Files

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