How to Undelete Files from SD Card?

SD card is a storage device, which is used to store various types of data like image files, audio files, video files, etc. Storage capacity of SD card ranges from few MB (Mega Bytes) to few GB (Giga bytes). Usually SD cards are used in digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA’s, and Video game consoles. Sometimes you may lose files that are stored on SD card due to various reasons.

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Different scenarios, which lead to file loss from SD card are,

  • Accidental deletion of files from SD card - When SD card is connected to the system using card reader then while deleting unwanted files from SD card if you delete useful files accidentally then those deleted files will not move to Recycle Bin. Hence, you cannot restore those deleted files from Recycle Bin.
  • Accidental formatting of SD card- If you press format memory card option accidentally when SD card is used in digital camera, all files stored on the SD card will get deleted.
  • File loss from SD card while file transfer process- While transferring files from SD card to computer if computer is turned off then you will lose some of the files from the SD card.

However, there is no need to be panic when any file loss occurs from SD card because when files are deleted from SD card, those files will not get deleted permanently. Content of those deleted files will remain in the SD card but the pointer that was pointing to those files will get deleted and therefore those deleted files cannot be accessed. However, it is possible to restore deleted image files from SanDisk SD card and all other brands of SD cards provided it is not overwritten by new data.

In order to avoid data loss from the SD card you should take some precautions. They are as follows,

  • Keep backup of all necessary information in CD, DVD or in external hard drive.
  • While removing SD card from card reader or from digital camera do not pull it out abruptly.
  • While transferring files from SD card to system be careful. Do not turn off the system while file transfer is in progress.
  • If file loss occurs from the SD card then before recovering lost files, do not overwrite any other content on to the same SD card.

SD Card Recovery software can recover lost files or deleted files from SD card. Follow the link to know how the software can recover deleted as well as lost files from various types of memory cards namely CF card, XD card, MMC card, MiniSD card, MicroSD card, etc. The software supports file recovery on various versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Go through the site to have more details on file recovery on Windows 7. The software can undelete files from hard drives, USB drives, external hard drives and FireWire drives as well. This software is well capable of recovering files from Lacie external hard drive along with all the popular brands of external and internal hard drives.

Connect the SD card from which you want to recover deleted files, to the system in which you have installed recovery software. There are few steps, which you should follow to undelete files from SD card. If you are looking to restore memory card data then visit this link.

Follow the steps given below to Undelete files from SD card:

Step 1: Download free trial version of SD Card Recovery software and install it in your system toretrieve pictures from flash memory card.

Step 2: In the main screen, it will show three options from which you need to select “Recover Files” option. Then select “Recover Deleted Files” option from the screen that appears next as shown in the figure 1.

Figure 1: Select Recover Deleted Files option

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Step 3: This software will show connected SD card as a drive along with the no of available logical drives. You should select SD card and then click on “Next” as shown in the figure 2.

Figure 2: Select SD card

Step 4: This software will scan entire SD card to retrieve deleted files. After scanning process, you can view recovered files using “File Type View” option or “Data View” option as shown in the figure 3.

Figure 3: View Recovered data

Step 5: You can save recovered data as shown in the figure 4.

Save / Open Recovery Session

Figure 4: Save Recovered Data

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