Best Way to Undelete JPG Files

Most of the portable electronic gadgets use different types of memory cards such as SD, XD, and MMC etc. Before, older cameras were making use of smart media(SM) cards, which are still available but, these memory cards can store only less amount of files therefore, they are replaced by XD and SD cards. JPEG and JPG are the two file formats used for saving pictures in memory cards. JPG extension is used in Windows operating system whereas JPEG is used in Mac platform. In most digital cameras JPEG file format is by default made use for saving pictures. Generally, memory cards are used to store photographs in digital cameras. Although the memory cards posses several advantages over other type of storage devices, they are more prone to loss of data during image transfer from memory card to system. You can easily undelete JPG files, using some memory card recovery software or image recovery software.

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Professional digital cameras capture pictures in different file format. The image format used by professional digital cameras includes SR2, SRF, ORF, NEF, CR2, CRW, RAF, ARW etc. There are probabilities of photo loss due to some logical failures in memory cards. Just go through the site to get more info about memroy card recovery.

Few reasons leading to file loss are as follows:

Accidental Deletion of files: You may accidentally delete files from memory cards using Shift + Delete key combination on Windows OS or might accidentally format the memory card thus resulting in data loss.  Photo loss can also occur if by mistake you press Delete All button, while viewing pictures in digital camera.

Virus Attack: Viruses such as malware, spyware, trojans, adware, etc are the most wide spread cause of data loss in memory cards. These viruses damage important system files as a result of which memory card fails to boot, resulting in data loss.

File System Corruption: Improper start up procedures and abruptly removing the memory card from the card reader can lead to file system corruption thus resulting in huge data loss.

However, most of the professional digital cameras do offer a second chance by providing Restore button, which will restore the deleted images to its original location in the camera. This will only be possible if the deletion has been done using delete button in digital camera. There are several other reasons via which you may lose your photographs. To avoid such problems, you need to maintain a proper backup of your essential data. Because, if you come across above mentioned scenarios, then you can easily restore lost files back from backup copy. If you have not maintained any backup of essential data then you can easily recover lost files from External USB drive using JPG File Recovery  software.

This software works on a complex algorithm, scans your entire drive and list outs all the files/folders or images or audio/video files either in data view or file type view. You can also recover files from FAT and NTFS file system. This software uses special in-built algorithms, which rapidly recovers lost photos from the memory card. Along with photographs, this application can also recover deleted or lost audio, video and text files from memory cards. If you have accidentally formatted your memory card then also you can use this tool to restore the data. This software supports different types of memory cards.View more to get the info about SD card recovery, CF, MMC and XD memory card recovery using this software. You can restore deleted pictures which are saved in major file formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, PNG etc. You can also find deleted Word files, PDF, PPT, Excel files within a mouse clicks using this tool.

Steps to undelete JPG files from Windows OS:

Step 1: Remove the affected memory card from your system and connect it as a slave to the healthy system. Download and install the Undelete File software to the system to which, the affected memory card is connected. Run the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop. The main screen is displayed.  Select “Recover Deleted Photos” option which is displayed in the Figure 1  and proceed.

Figure. 1 Main Screen

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Step 2:  As you proceed further,  the software will display a list of logical drives. Select the storage device from which the data needs to be recovered as shown in Figure 2  and click on “Next”.

Figure. 2 Select Drive

Step 3: Software starts scanning the selected drive. Once the scanning process is completed you can view the recovered file using “Preview” option as shown in Figure 3.

Figure. 3 Preview Files

Step 4: To save the recovered files, select the files you wish to save or click Root folder to select, all the found data and click “Save”. A window to select destination location to restore recovered data is displayed as shown in Figure 4.

Figure. 4 Select Destination Location

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