Best Tool to Undelete Partition

Hard drive is a major and secure storage device where data can be stored on different logical drives. That is, hard drive is usually segmented into multiple logical drives called as partitions. By partitioning the hard drive, one can store OS and other program and user files like videos, music, images, documents, spreadsheets etc. on different partitions. It also increases the system performance by reducing the file access time and also allows you to have multiple boot setups and file systems.

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Even though hard drive is secure storage device, sometimes you may lose your essential data due to partition deletion. Partition may get deleted due to several reasons. Consider a situation that, all your partitions are almost full and there is no much space to add more content on your system. At that time, you may use disk utility to extend the size of a partition. But during this process, if any interruption occurs like power surge or sudden system shutdown, then you may end up with partition deletion which leads to loss of your valuable data. However, there is no need to worry about your lost data or deleted partition as you can easily undelete partition.

But to know how to recover deleted partition, you need to make use of an excellent recovery tool like My Undelete Software. It is a powerful deleted partition recovery application which also helps you to recover different file types. If you have accidentally deleted your Word file, then by making use of this tool you can easily undelete Word file in just few mouse clicks.

Causes for partition deletion:

  • Use of Third Party Application: By using third party tool, one can create or even resize the existing partition. But while creating or resizing the partition, you may end up with partition deletion which consists of your important data.
  • OS Re-installation: During the process of OS re-installation, if you select a wrong partition then it may leads to deletion of your existing partition. As a result of this, you will lose all your valuable data stored on that particular partition.
  • Other Reasons: There are many other reasons that lead to partition deletion such as partition table corruption, registry file corruption, improper shrinking of a partition etc.

Whatever might be the scenario for partition deletion, my undelete software comes with many advanced features that works perfectly under all the scenarios in order to restore deleted partition in a short span of time. You can happily use this utility to recover deleted partition on Windows 8 whatever be the reason behind deletion of partition.

Salient features of my undelete software

My Undelete is a perfect and powerful tool which has been suggested by industry professional to undelete partition. It has an ability to restore deleted partition having file system FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and ExFAT. This tool is also capable to retrieve deleted partition or volumes of Mac system having HFS and HFSX file system. This deleted partition recovery tool can also be used to recover deleted MP3 files, video files, images, PST files etc. It also has an ability to recover deleted files from memory cards, flash drives, iPods etc. This advanced application can also undelete partition of your external hard drive. It also supports deleted partition recovery from SATA, IDE and SCSI hard drives. It has strong scanning algorithms that scans and restore deleted partition in an effective way. It also has simple GUI that helps even novice user to know how to recover deleted partition in few simple steps. Other than partition recovery, it also enables you to recover deleted files from memory stick, flash drive (USB or Pen drive), iPods, HDD, etc. After the recovery process, it facilitates you to Preview the recovered data before restoration.

Follow these steps to undelete partition:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system. Then launch the tool and select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option from the main screen as shown in following figure. Then from the next screen select "Partition Recovery" option to restore deleted partition.

Figure. 1 Main Screen

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Step 2: After selecting Partition Recovery option, the software search and displays the deleted partition as shown in the following figure. Now select the that partition as shown in Figure and click on “Next” arrow button.

Figure. 2 Select Drive

Step 3: Once you click on “Next” option, the software starts scanning the partition to recover data from it. Once the scanning process is completed you can view recovered data using “Preview” option as shown in Figure.

Figure. 3 Preview Files

Step 4: Now, save the recovered data to any desired location

Figure. 4 Select Destination Location

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