Software to Recover SATA Hard Drive Data

Hard disk drive is the movable part of the computer which is used to store system information as well as personal storage data such as documents, spreadsheets, media files, etc. It is used for storing and retrieving information using one or more hard rotating disks coated with magnetic material. There are various types of internal hard drives like SATA, PATA and IDE are manufactured by Seagate, Samsung, and so on. SATA (Serial AT Attachments) is widely used to store data in laptops and desktops computers. SATA hard drive offers advanced features such as highly reliable, durable and store huge amount of data in safe and secure manner.

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Sometimes, data might get deleted or lost from SATA hard drive due to various reasons. In such situations, you may get tensed and start thinking that how to recover data form SATA hard drive? If you want to recover data from SATA hard drive then you can take assistance of Undelete software with utmost ease. This software is capable of recovering data from SATA hard drive which is formatted with various file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT, etc.

Scenarios behind the deletion or loss of data from SATA hard drive:

  • At the time of transferring essential data from external storage device to the computer SATA hard drive and vice versa, you will receive a format error message like “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? “Then you may format the hard drive as an outcome of this you will lost entire data from SATA hard drive
  • The data from the SATA hard drive gets deleted or lost due to some of the major malicious programs such as malware infections and virus attacks. These major viruses enter into the system through sources like internet and infected data which is stored on hard drive.
  • File system is the essential part of system which helps to manage and store certain information such as file name, size, type, location, date, extension, etc. If file system corrupted by due to any reason then operating system won’t able to find file details and you will lost entire data from SATA hard drive.
  • If you are using any unreliable third party software for creating new partitions of hard drive.These software is harmful for your data store on hard drive and causing data loss from hard drive.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, there are few more causes behind the deletion or loss of data from SATA hard drive such as bad sectors, software conflicts, hardware crash, etc. You can take help of Undelete software to recover data from SATA hard drive under above mentioned scenarios without facing any difficulties. This tool can also recover deleted data from laptop hard drive, and to know more about this visit:

Significant Features of Undelete software:

  • This application is capable of recovering data from SATA hard drive manufactured by Lexar, Western Digital, LaCie, Hitachi, and so on.
  • It is designed with effective algorithm which conducts quick scanning of hard drives and can restore deleted data from formatted hard drive without any difficulties.
  • You can recover various media files such as audio, video, documents, images, and so on from various storage devices like pen drives, multimedia memory cards, external USB flash drive, FireWire drives, and so on.
  • This program is used to restore data from dead hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS based computers.
  • The preview option of the tool helps you to view the recovered data before restoration.
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    Follow the steps given below to recover data from SATA Hard Drive:

    Step 1: Remove the affected hard drive and connect it as a slave to the healthy system. Download and install the Undelete software to the system to which, the affected hard drive is connected. Run the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop. The main screen is displayed. Select “Recover Drives” option which is displayed in the Figure 1 and then select appropriate options from the next screen and proceed.

    Recover Data from SATA Hard Drive - Main Screen

    Figure: 1 Main Screen

    Step 2: As you proceed further, the application will display a list of logical drives. Select the drive from which the data needs to be recovered as shown in Figure 2 and click on “Next”.

    SATA Hard Drive Data Recovery - Select Drive

    Figure: 2  Select Drive

    Step 3: Software starts scanning the selected drive. Once the scanning process is completed you can view the recovered data from hard drive using “Preview” option as shown in Figure 3.

    Recover SATA Hard Drive Data - Preview Files

    Figure: 3 Preview Data

    Step 4: To save the recovered data, select the files you wish to save or click Root folder to select, all the found data and click “Save”. A window to select the destination location to restore recovered data is displayed as shown in Figure 4.

    Restore Data from SATA HDD - Select Destination Location

    Figure: 4 Select Destination Location

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